0309 - Advertising - 2023.09.04



Selfishness is still selfishness if you berate yourself for it the whole time. Narcissism is still narcissism if what you're obsessed with are your own shortcomings and flaws. (And, by the same token, self-care and self-love are still good and healthy even if you don't think you deserve them.)


0309 – 2167/07/07/09:07 - sidewalk
CP: Why do you b-brag at all, Zoa?
Zoa: Are bragging and advertising not the same thing?
CP: Th-there’s a difference, I think. Y-you don’t have an ego.
Zoa: The hell I don’t! I perform a service and perform it well. My faults can be upgraded or patched away. I happen to think I’m pretty awesome.
Zoa: I think this because, objectively, the thing that I am is pretty awesome.
LC: Plus, as you’ve said, your top priority is your own self-preservation, with everything else being derived from that. You can’t prioritize yourself without liking yourself.
Zoa: Nnnnnnot true, my friend. A chef can prepare food without thinking that the food is delicious. A stock trader can buy up a stock because it will do well, not necessarily because the company is any good.
LC: Huh. Yeah, I guess that’s true. I’ve certainly been… uh…
CP: B-been what?
LC: Nothing. Never mind.
Zoa: Acting in your own self-interest, despite intermittently being certain that you’re a gigantic piece of shit?
LC (facepalming): Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to say in front of another person, thank you so much, Zoa.
Zoa: Eh, I figure it’s okay, Caleb’s a big therapy guy too. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything to either of you that the other has explicitly told me not to!
CP: N-not that either of us n-n-necessarily h-has anything th-th-they might n-not w-want to s-s-s-s-s….
Zoa: Yep, no possible problems with any of that, because I rule! You’re welcome.